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Black in the Garden is Sexy as Hell

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With a title like that ^^^ you'd never guess I really don't like the color black.
Especially when you hear I drive a black car and always wear black to the gym (I mean, wouldn't you? It's slimming).
I don't even have one of those little (little) black dresses.

The problem is, gray is my favorite color. I feel like I'm cheating on gray, every time I wiggle into my black, ass-hugging, spandex gym pants. 

Black is too...definite.
Black is too...dark.
Black is too...cold.
Black is just too bold - which is kind of ironic as I consider myself kind of bold.

But damn, if black doesn't look sexy as hell in the garden. 
Case in point...

Black planter box with espalier fencing.

Black garden shed.

Black wood fencing for a sexy backdrop.

Burned lumber for the sexiest garden accent.

I mean, how fricking sexy is burned lumber?!?
I can think of soooo many ways to use this technique in the garden. 

See more sexy here...

And you know what looks good with black?

Why? Because red is bold. 
Red is sexy.
Red is the perfect complimentary color to black in the garden. 

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson mandevilla complimenting black window box planter.

And this is where I become of service. 

We got red flowers. 
Here are a few of my favorites, if red was my favorite color. 

NEW for 2015 and practically exclusive to us - Sundenia Red Dipladenia

Big bad blooms on a petite, power-flowering, tropical shrub.
Ships in a 6 inch container with average height of 6 inches at delivery time.

Sundenia Red dipladenia

Buy Sundenia Red dipladenia right now.

Love the white swirl in this mandevilla - Sun Parasol Original Stars & Stripes Mandevilla

One of the most patriotic bloomers out there!
Ships in a one gallon container with average height of 14-16 inches at time of delivery.

Sun Parasol Original Stars & Stripes mandevilla

Buy Sun Parasol Stars & Stripes mandevilla now.

I mean, the name says it all - Hoochie Coochie Hibiscus

Vivacious red flowers on a compact, Cajun-loving shrub.
Ships in a 4 inch container with average height of 6-8 inches at time of delivery

Hoochie Coochie Cajun hibiscus

Buy Hoochie Coochie Cajun hibiscus right now

See more sexy red ideas, here.

So it seems 2015 should be the year you sexify your garden. Spice it up, so-to-speak. 

Ahem, speaking of spice, I got something else for ya, too. Over here.
It's appropriate. I promise. 

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