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Wedding Favorite: Blushing Bougainvilleas

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I've been on a boug kick here lately. 
Their foliage delivers color all year round <<< MAJOR bonus.
The Sunvillea series is perfect for smaller gardens.  

AND they help create big and bad weddings! 

I had no idea ^^^

See the beauty...

This bouquet, featured by Burnett's Boards, gracefully combines hot fuchsia bougainvillea foliage with complementary roses. Don't miss the gorgeous crown in her hair. Super clever. 

Get the same look with our Barbara Karst bougainvillea

Brides.com shared the perfect wedding arbor draped with bougainvillea as it naturally vined upward and outward. 

Bougs don't stop there with their versatility. Can you imagine how colorful and low maintenance your wedding tables would be with mini vases filled with sprigs of bougainvillea?



Hat tip to Erin Ever After for finding this beauty loveliness. 

While I highlighted a lot of PINK wedding bougainvilleas, they come in several, bridal-loving colors. See our whole collection here and find more inspiration on our Pinterest board: Big Bad Bougainvilleas.


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