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Peppers So Hot, You'll Need Your Own Milking Cow

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I love hot.

Your very own milking cow.

Hot weather.

Hot fires.

Hot colors. I mean, this is hot.

Hot spices. Gosh, how I'm obsessed with Spiceologist, specifically their chile spices

And naturally, I love hot peppers.

So clearly, I was school-girl giddy when the Big Bad Boss decided we'd offer five hot pepper seed varieties for the 2015 growing season. Peppers so damn hot, you'll need your very own milking cow. 

Seriously, if you love hot peppers, I'd consider moving to the country. Or at least looking into your city's Bovine ordinance. You're going to need that cow. 

Or a understanding farmer. 

Ghost Pepper
25 Big Bad Seeds

Ghost pepper plant

You're going to need a gallon of milk to go along with this hot pepper.

Huffington Post rates this pepper as one of the hottest to touch your tongues. Seriously. See for yourself, here.
Personally, ridiculously anxious to make this Ghost Chile Hot Sauce from Jeanette over here.

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Thai Hot Pepper
25 Big Bad Seeds

Thai Hot pepper seeds

Thailand knows hot. Thai Hot pepper is sure to put some kick in whatever dish you're preparing.

Jeanette has another great recipe for this hottie: Fresh Thai Chili Garlic Sauce.

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Scotch Bonnet Red Pepper
25 Big Bad Seed

Scotch Bonnet Red Pepper Seeds

You might need a shot of scotch after a bite of this pepper.

Pair jerk chicken with this recipe from Helen Graves for Smoked Pepper and Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce.

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Monster Jalapeno Hot Pepper
15 Big Bad Seeds

Monster Jalapeno Hot pepper seeds

Monster-size your jalapeno taste buds.

While you already know I love hotness, my favorite "hot" dish is nachos. Make these Spicy Beer-Cheese Sauce nachos from Chili Pepper Madness, and pile on the jalapenos. 

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Monster Hot Cayenne Pepper
15 Big Bad Seeds

 Monster Hot Cayenne pepper seeds

Because we prefer our cayenne peppers bigger and badder than the rest. 

Other than salsa and nachos, my next favorite way to eat hot peppers is after they've been grilled together with potatoes, carrots and cilantroHere's a quick and easy way to make a mixed, foil pack of goodies, including cayenne pepper.
Oh, and Comso has a nice round up of cayenne pepper ideas over 

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So...which pepper are you going to go with? 
Maybe all five
I understand. You like it hot, just like me. 

Did I mention, free shipping? No? 
Well, now ya know.

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