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Double Your Pleasure: Cajun Hibiscus with Bigger & Badder Blooms

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I was browsing our Cajun hibiscus varieties this morning and came to the realization (as I should have long ago), we've got some pretty big and bad bloomers. Almost double-the-pleasure bloomers. 

Hard to say no to that, right?

Don't get me wrong, any Cajun hibiscus is a collector's dream. But if you're anything like me, sometimes double blooms are just that much more...interesting. 

Here are my top faves that deserve a double look:

1. Bayou Rose Cajun hibiscus

Bayou Rose Cajun hibiscus

Hot damn! Is Bayou Rose's bloom not out-of-this-world gorgeous!?! A stunning display of strong lavender hues with tones of red. 

$19.99 for 4 inch container

Buy Bayou Rose hibiscus right now

2. Bold Idea Cajun hibiscus

Bold Idea Cajun hibiscus

I see romance when I look at the blooms of Bold Idea. You too, right? Wouldn't your lady enjoy this? You better give it a try.

$14.99 for a 4 inch container

Buy Bold Idea hibiscus now

3. Chiffon Pink Cajun hibiscus

Chiffon Pink Cajun hibiscus

Chiffon Pink sprouts blooms perfect only for a princess. But we're all princesses. So she's perfect for you. 

$19.99 for a 4 inch container

Buy Chiffon Pink hibiscus now

4. Cajun Gold hibiscus

Cajun Gold Cajun hibiscus

If you prefer a bolder, bright bloom. One that will most likely stop your neighbors in their "Jonesing" tracks, Cajun Gold has your envious back. 

$14.99 for a 4 inch container

Buy Cajun Gold hibiscus now

5. Chartreuse Rose hibiscus

Chartreuse Rose Cajun hibiscus

And if you're the type who can't really settle for one color...you know, if you're consistently indecisive, take a breath. Chartreuse Rose hibiscus will suit your pleasures. Promise.

$14.99 for 4 inch container.

Buy Chartreuse Rose hibiscus now

A few things you should know about our Cajun hibiscus:

-They're not like the typical hibiscus you might see at your local box store (otherwise we wouldn't be carrying them!)

-While we try really hard to capture the blooms in their best light, please know the hues may vary in reality based on your light conditions, the time of day and maturity of the bloom. 

-Speaking of blooms, Cajun hibiscus sprouts some of the largest blooms around. Truly breathtaking. 

-Our Cajun hibiscus ship in a 4 inch container with an average height of 6-8 inches at time of delivery

-We have several different varieties, more being added often. So...it's in your best interest to check back with us regularly. You can quickly see what's new here.

-And lastly, Cajun hibiscus are hard to zones 9-11. But don't let that stop you! Many avid gardeners have successfully overwintered their plants by treating this hibiscus much like a houseplant, by bringing it indoors at fall when the weather starts to cool. 

-See ALL our hibiscus varieties right here.

If you've got any questions, shoot us an email!


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