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Thriller, Filler, Spiller Container Garden Design Concept - Explained!

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Big_Bad_Flower_Thriller_Filler_Spiller_container_garden_designWhile many big bad annuals look gorgeous standing alone, when paired with complementary colors and textures in a container garden, you can really wow your guests. Throughout our website, references are occasionally made to a plant being a great “thriller,” “filler,” and “spiller”. And while my mind immediately goes to a choreographed, Michael Jackson dance-a-thon, that’s not exactly what we mean.

The “thriller” is the main focal point, generally a taller, eye-catching plant placed in the center of a container garden. The “filler,” is the supporting actor, filling the space between the thriller and spiller. And the “spiller” is usually a trailing plant. This concept is a quick way to create gorgeous container gardens, with little design knowledge.

If you’d like help pairing the right plants together for a big bad thriller, filler, spiller container garden, please contact us. We love this stuff!

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