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Blooming Beauties for Your Mom, on Mother's Day -- or Whenever!

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We get that your mom is pretty cool. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift. This year, give a gift that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers. 

Give her a flowering plant she can enjoy long past the month of May. Here are three favorites, blooming right now, requiring little maintenance, so your mom can simply enjoy their beauty. Go ahead, show her your appreciation. 

Sunrosa™ Yellow Rose -- For the sweetest scent.

Sunrosa Yellow Rose for Mother's Day

What I like most about Sunrosa™ Yellow rose is its big bad fragrance! Where some flowers' scents can be overwhelming, this is not. Plus, the semi-double blooms hold their soft-yellow hues even into the heat of the summer! Sunrosa™ roses are easy to grow, with little-to-no maintenance and compact habit. Your mom can display this plant as a blooming centerpiece for a week or two, and then in the landscape for continued enjoyment. Sunrosa™ Roses are hardy to zones 9-11 and available in red or pink as well. 

Order Sunrosa™ Yellow rose here.
See our full Sunrosa™ rose collection here.

Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson Mandevilla -- For endless and effortless blooms.

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson mandevilla for Mother's Day

Sun Parasol® mandevillas have been a big bad hit this year. There are several varieties to choose from, but Garden Crimson is one of my favorites. This plant is the only one in the Sun Parasol® series that stays compact, while will delivering the same big bad, tropical flowering characteristics of the standard Sun Parasol® mandevillas. It's branching habit is more lateral, filling a hanging basket, container garden or window box beautifully. And as mentioned above, the blooms come easily. In fact, the plant prefers drier soil and a little heat stress to flower more profusely. Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson mandevilla will work well as a blooming centerpiece for a few weeks, but will need to be planted to fully enjoy its beauty. Garden Crimson is hardy to zones 9-11, however several gardeners plant mandevillas as an annual and overwinter inside. 

Order Sun Parasol® Garden Crimson mandevilla here.
See our full collection of Sun Parasol® mandevillas here.

Ladyslippers™ Blue Ice Streptocarpus -- For the bluest of blues. 

Ladyslippers Blue Ice Streptocarpus for Mother's Day

Blue is one of the hottest colors to have in garden. The best part about Ladyslippers™ Blue Ice streptocarpus is your mom can enjoy its gorgeous, blue blooms inside, all year long! The blooms are simply stunning. Hard to describe really, but you can see more of them here. What's great about Ladyslippers™ streptocarpus is they don't need much light, so even if your mom's house has few windows (like mine) indirect light will keep Blue Ice flowering for months of enjoyment. There are three other flower colors available, too!

Order Ladyslippers™ Blue Ice streptocarpus here.
See our full collection of Ladyslippers™ streptocarpus here.

Interested in other indoor plants? See two more options for your mom, here.

Garden on, Katie

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