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How to Make Your Next Garden Party Badass

You want to know how to make your next garden party badass? Just add plants from Big Bad Flower and you're golden....is what I feel like saying, but I'm not that arrogant. Here's how to impress the heck out of your friends:  Greet Your People in StyleEvery girl knows, what you're wearing is just as important as [...]

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Why You NEED Succulents in Your Life

Listen, I know it's in our best interest to entice you to buy plants. That we like to throw gorgeous pictures at ya (like these), hoping you'll click on over to our Marketplace to buy the goodness. Then brag about it on Facebook so your friends will come buy, too.Just so you know, that's exactly [...]

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Blooming Beauties for Your Mom, on Mother's Day -- or Whenever!

We get that your mom is pretty cool. You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift. This year, give a gift that lasts longer than a bouquet of flowers. Give her a flowering plant she can enjoy long past the month of May. Here are three favorites, blooming right [...]

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Get the Look: Stunning Succulent Urn Container Garden

In a recent post, I practically told you the only way to design a container garden was to use the thriller, filler spiller concept. Well, in all honesty, you can do whatever you want. And sometimes a one-plant container garden out does any combination. Case in point...I've obsessed over this simple look ever since I started working [...]

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Three Big Bad Indoor Plants You Have to Give a Go

Winter has been a real bear cat. Seriously, I'm over it. At this point, I'd fill up my entire living room with plants and crank up the heat just to imagine it's my garden in full bloom, in the middle of summer. I'm that desperate. So desperate, I'd purchase a new plant just to get me through to [...]

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Thriller, Filler, Spiller Container Garden Design Concept - Explained!

While many big bad annuals look gorgeous standing alone, when paired with complementary colors and textures in a container garden, you can really wow your guests. Throughout our website, references are occasionally made to a plant being a great “thriller,” “filler,” and “spiller”. And while my mind immediately goes to a choreographed, Michael Jackson dance-a-thon, [...]

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Spend Some, Get Some: Free Big Bad Swag

We're just finishing our stint at the Philadelphia Flower Show where we offered garden geeks a free sweatshirt with $75 purchase. It was such a big bad hit, we thought you might enjoy the same perks! While big bad swag supplies last, spend $75 dollars with us -- whether it's preordering annuals for your spring containers [...]

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Visual Recap, Take Two: We Brought Big Bad Plants to the Philadelphia Flower Show

We're still recooping from the Philadelphia Flower Show! Wow, what an event! If you missed our first post, you'll want to take a moment to see the display gardens. Go ahead, check it out >>>Because it was our first Flower Show rodeo, we weren't exactly sure what plants to bring. So, we brought a big [...]

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Visual Recap, Take One: Our First Trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show

In true, big bad form, we wanted to start 2014 with a bang. Our first event being the Philadelphia Flower Show, which has since been named the "Best Philadelphia Flower Show EVER" by fellow garden geeks Susan Harris with Garden Rant and Susan Cohen with Miss Rumphius Rules. If you're not familiar with the Flower Show, [...]

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