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Betty was stylin' before chevron was even trending.

I can't rightly blame you for not knowing about one of our coolest plants, Betty. I mean, supposedly that's my job. But in my defense, had you been following us on Instagram, you would have seen the awesomeness in an instant, here >>>.Betty has to be one of the easiest plants I've ever grown inside. That [...]

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Baby succulents: Too cute not to buy one, or say, twenty.

Honestly, I don't know why I want to call our succulents, "baby." I can only source my toddler, who calls everything baby if it's small.Or "teeny tiny." Guess I could have gone that route, too.Anyway, in case my most recent post "Why You NEED Succulents in Your Life" wasn't enough, here's more sound reasoning for [...]

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Bragging Rights Delivered to Sharon in Michigan!

Gosh, how I love it when our customers tag us on Instagram, with pictures of the plants they purchased from us.  Or post them to our Facebook page, like Rick Carlson did here of his fuchsia and mandevilla >>>.And of course, you know I love it when people follow my demanding directions and email me images [...]

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Bragging Rights Delivered to Jess in Iowa!

I knew -- just knew -- my Iowa girls wouldn't leave me hanging, when I demanded the submission of any and all garden photos today >>>Something, at the very least, to keep me from going completely insane during my endless watering episodes. And boy, did I just receive a goody.Vice Prez Jess Held from Lessing-Flynn (the [...]

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Friday Finds: Fashion-Forward Flowers

If you truly love flowers, you'd wear them.Honestly, how commited are you to the garden movement? Not fully, until you don a floral necklace, bracelet or hat. It's time to step up your game. And I found just the inspiration you need. First, you need to follow Mud Baron on Instgram. Do it now. I'll wait. And while you're there, you [...]

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Five Garden Mistakes I'm Owning, So You Don't Have To

My garden is an experiment. I'd almost say accidental experiment. Like, I accidentally forget to water my new bougainvillea, accidentally plant my ninebarks too close, and "accidentally" plant my beloved hydrangeas, in full sun.  But really, there's a explanation to my self-proclaimed madness: I'm a little bit lazy (thus the lack of watering), I succumb to instant gratification [...]

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Friday Finds: Inspiring Bloggers

I've been brainstorming ways Big Bad Flower will rock your garden world in the months to come and it's been draining the creative side of my brain. I mean that in the best way possible.But, dang if it doesn't leave me yearning for fresh, new ideas. Typically, I'll snag a new magazine -- or like [...]

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There's Nothing a Garden-Fresh Drink Can't Cure

I've been inspired, and frankly, quite thirsty since my last post: How to Make Your Next Garden Party Badass. Especially the part in there where I bossed about serving fresh, garden drinks to your guests. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting in my plastic adirondack chair (pretending it's a porch swing), sipping on a cool drink [...]

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